Linda Parelli update

Jag läste precis en update ifrån Linda Parelli. De är alltså så bra, och varje gång kommer fler och fler välkända ryttare och frågar om hjälp!

On Sunday Marion and I drove down to Wellington, Florida to watch Walter Zettl give a dressage clinic for JJ Tate. JJ and Walter reconnected at the USDF Trainers Clinic we went to in January with Christoph Hess, and when she asked if he could come and teach I gladly gave up my dates because I wanted to go watch! I’ve been itching to see Walter teaching higher level riders. JJ is a beautiful rider and watching how Walter took it all up a notch and easily solved some high performance issues was a treat. I also helped her with an LBI that really had their number, and an RBE who was quite a handful. FUN!

Here was the best part – there were no surprises for me. It’s all the same approach but at greater degrees of difficulty. Something Walter said really impacted me so I have it on my phone as a reminder that I read every day: The Grand Prix is not that difficult. We make it difficult in the basics!
I will never forget the first time Walter had me go “shorter-longer” in the trot on Remmer, just a little, and he said “One day this will be piaffe to extended trot. There is no difference.” Wow. Simple, natural, gradual… nothing different. Sometimes the hardest thing to watch is when riders and horses look super in the long and low warm ups and as soon as they try the collected movements everything gets really stressed and tense and a bit forced and stiff. It gets different instead of the same thing just taken up several notches. I am SO LUCKY Pat snagged Walter as my coach. Soooo lucky ☺

The other exciting thing that happened in Wellington was at the International Show Jumping competitions. A long time student, Luca Moneta, from Italy was there with three horses competing in the Grand Prix. Because of his Parelli background of some 12 years now, Luca has made quite a name by transforming unruly and difficult jumpers. He had two of them here at this competition! It was wonderful to reconnect with Luca and he asked me to help him with these two horses. All is fine until he picks up the reins, can even ride bridleless and he said they are better! Enter Game of Contact. I rode each of the horses and taught them to trust the bit, to trust my hand and to take the contact.

Suddenly they got it and arched over the back, stretched into the contact and got beautifully relaxed.
Walter was there too, giving me the thumbs up and when Luca got on and learned to do the same, he couldn’t believe the change in his horses. Relaxed, forward, round. Super. And all this going on in the exercise arena with a dozen international jumpers and famous riders like Pessoa, Skelton, Miller, and company weaving in and out of me. According to Walter they were all secretly watching! 😉

So there’s my big catch up with you all. Sorry for the long delay in writing to you all. It’s been really crazy busy for me but as you can see, super exciting for Parelli. Hope all is well with you!