Parelli är ute och tävlar!

Det här skrev Linda på om Allures första tävling.

Linda Parelli said Marion and Allure placed 8th out of 30 competitors Eventing this weekend at Rocking Horse Stables here in Florida. Quote of the day from Marion: ”I think we should do this again: you train the horse for 8 years and then I compete him 6 months later!” 😉
My goal with Allure was that one day people would say ”Gosh, that horse doesn’t look difficult at all”. This weekend, Marion showed exactly that, taking Allure to his first competition.
Allure has been an amazing teacher for me, the most challenging horse I’ve ever had… and so many of you have watched us together and shared my journey with him. He has been so instrumental in the development of understanding Horsenality – LBE, bi-polar LBE/RBI, catatonia in horses, zero brace, etc. and starred in a number of tour stops and member DVDs over many, many years. Not to mention the destruction of several green balls!
I’m so grateful for what this horse has caused me to learn, and even more appreciative of what Pat Parelli has taught me to understand.