Din häst är den du behöver imponera

Safety, comfort, play and food. A horses hierarchy of needs. When people don´t understand this they can use food to bribe a sceptical horse into a horse trailer and more and more discomfort (spurs, whips and force) to make disinterested, sour horses perform better.

The result is the same, it doesn´t work. With a left brain horse, safety and comfort are not an issue, but play and food are. A left brain horse reads you like a book. Think about what might be important to your horse. Be more savvy and do the unexpected. Humans are creatures of habit. Horses know what happens before it happens. Surprise your horse! Horses do not understand punishment and they don´t deal well with pressure. Respect is earned by being the kind of person your horse would like to interact with. With a left brain horse, play is how you create respect, food treats is how you develop incentives.

Always remember; Your horse is the one you need to impress!

(taken from a savvy club article)

(även denn är härifrån)