Parelli all over the world

Det var en trevlig själ som på typiskt amerikanskt vis (jag känner att jag vågar säga det då min bästa vän just nu är utbytesstudent i Illinois och bland det första hon nämnde var hur otroligt pratglada och trevliga de var, till skillnad från svenskarna..) hörde av sig till mig på ParelliConnect.


Hello Joanna! I think its so cool that Parelli has brought people from all over the world together to this website. I live in South Carolina in the USA. You and your ponies seem so cool! Good Luck in Sweden! 🙂


Hi Emory! I agree, this is so much fun! I usually feel quite abandoned here in Sweden with no one really knowing, or even wanting to know what PNH is all about. But that feeling disappears as soon as I log in to parelliconnect. Seeing so many people living their dream with their horses always makes me happy. 
Thank you so much, we’re doing our best here in our cold country. Good luck to you and your horse to! Savvy on!