Frodis Inridning dag 8

Förlåt men nu blir detta rakt inklistrat ifrån Frodis sida på Parelliconnect.


Frodi IS AMAZING. Went for a trail”ride”. we played mirror me at first at he does it perfectly, then we caught up with his herdmate and just followed them.  Passed a tractor and I think it went ok, I was mostly thinking about my self so I wouldn’t get killed If he’d react. He was so calm that I decided to mount and just be a passenger. He kept on walking, when the turned back home he even started yawning, with ME ON HIM! Then I asked my friend to just run a little bit and see if Frodi would do the same, which he did, although he though it was a little bit strange, but everything went GREAT.


( lättaste sättet att lära de att gå frammåt, skritt eller till och mer snabbare, att ha draghjälp av en annan häst. Då kan jag lägga till min signal rumpa,lår,vad, samtidigt som jag vet att han börjar trava, eller tölta i hans fall.)