Frodi is making progress in the dark

These updates are about Frodis progress these last few days.


Frodi got to play a bit today during his feeding time. Checked the basics, but picking up the feet is still something we have to work on. Then he got to help me putting out the hay by carrying it. He remembered how it was done yesterday, him walking with the hay on the path, me trying to keep up in the deep snow, next to the path. He is so cool about the FG in Z3 so we’ll probably play with the bareback pad on this weekend.


Today we continued working on picking up his feet, it took a while but in a couple of days he’ll do it perfectly. Then some more friendly in Z3 with the hay, this time on the other side, it was a bit scary he thought, but after a while he could calmly carry it over to another feeding spot.