Fascinating learning experience

Since I don’t have so much time now because of my finals in school you’ll get this in English. Everything I might post here in English are updates I’ve written on Parelli connect.


I had a little breakthrough today as I realized how important patience and taking the time it takes, is!
I was pushing a empty wheelbarrow through the guys’ pasture, Frodi was standing with his Z2 in my way. I pushed up close and waited, I stopped and thought about how he’ll soon toss his head over mine and hit me on his way, like all the other horses had done. But because I just stood their daydreaming/thinking he moved away a step. Still he was a little bit in my way, so I took a step forward and waited again. He moved away so easely that I was stunned.

This made me realize that I have to be even MORE patient, and overall do everything with even less energy. It is fascinating how you can discover so obvious simple things, over and over again but on totally different levels.